Chairs for kitchen and dining room.

Like a phoenix, rising from my ashes... that it was time. After a long period I collect and wintering I come back to life with new air, full of color and joy.

There are few things that have not been done in the furniture market. But sometimes, a breath of creative inspiration springs from within and inspires you to create your own world of originality.

Although we have already repeated, used and reused trends to create new things, imagination for many, is arguably... insatiable.
I like the ''point'' chic and cache in any environment that gives a good classic. I think that like good music should cease to exist in all its forms of expression and never reuse.

The variety of fabrics I use for customization, are what inspires me the beauty of "that" unit, mirror, etc... in particular. Fabrics placed in small fragments and richness makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.
Each design has a surprising variety of textures such as velvet, silk, satin, etc. and, of course, by the very bold bright colors that I like to use.

I am very proud of the quality of my final designs. I spend so much time in each creation... from finding the perfect piece to finish... it may take weeks. But what I like best of all is that term satisfied with the end result.