"Art Decolor Unrestricted" is a unique, independent design company which produces and retails premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted exuberant furniture and home accessories.

"Art Decolor Unrestricted" was the creation of Milagros Bauer, who through her passion for textiles has created a world of richly decorative home wares which
are a fusion of fashion and the decorative Arts, each made item becoming a piece of contemporary art work.

Milagros Bauer imbues with her own style and has created a clear visual signature mixing ages and social and artistic heritages to create her own conceptual vision of how we live today.

The quality and craftsmanship are absolutely superb.
Superior quality at competitive prices are guaranteed as you can easily compare.
They don't make such special pieces like this anymore!
This exquisite range displays the finest hand craftsmanship.
is lovingly made by hand, following a unique bespoke technique.
Stunning detail thats exquisite.
Very high quality craftsmanship and detailing.
Is a focal point of any room or decor, So Unique. So Glamorous. Amazing!
Featuring stunning ornate detailing, all hand carved and lavished with attention to detail.


Milagros Bauer

In my personal life I'm a writer, designer, scalp tattoo artist, inventor, vegan, anarchist, gnostic, occultist of light, in short, a magician of my life.

I have always been attracted to things and people who are slightly imperfect and that makes my world much more interesting and inspiring. Despite being a perfectionist in what I do, I always look inequality and imperfect to create my own concept of perfection

Since I started with my passion to use fabric to transform my furniture, I often wonder, why not do it with a chair or a dining table? And the answer was pretty obvious: No.

The hard usage these pieces of furniture have to endure daily would deteriorate the fabric almost immediately. So, did I have to just limit myself to use my gorgeous fabrics to cover other types of furniture and accent pieces? It was frustrating for me to not be able to expand my creative horizons.

So, one day I decided to experiment with an unlimited assortment of fabrics and try endless products on them, until I was able to obtain a beautiful piece of furniture covered in fabric pretreated fabrics in beautiful colors and designs. It's a job that I'm quite proud of!. My hands need to be in constant movement, always, creating and perfecting everything I touch 🤗

I hope you enjoy my products and my hobby Hjerte

Best regards

Milagros Bauer